Wednesday, January 2, 2008

We sing of Iowa

How did I ever get to 55 without understanding what the Iowa caucuses are, and how they work, and then to realize, that I'm not exactly sure, at this moment still, how they work.

I owe it (homonym not intended) to the 24/7 media for hammering away at Iowa for the past three months to make me even wonder what the hell a caucus (Iowa style) is. First of all the Democratic and Republican caucuses are different. The Republicans use a confidential vote. The Democrats, well, here's an explanation.

Some would, and have, called the disdain for the Iowa process, "East coast intellectual media bashing,"

Until this point, I just accepted the Iowa results on faith. Just the same kind of faith I show each time I walk into an elevator and expect it to work without fail. Now, I find myself thinking of Iowa a little too often, and while I would hope my point of reference for those thoughts would be Greg Brown, Dave Moore or the Creative Writing Program at UI, it's more about Hillary and Obama, as I hum:

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