Tuesday, January 15, 2008

In Kenya it's fraud, in Ohio it's a miracle

A Courant headline on a McClatchy report in today's paper reveals possible fraud in the Kenyan elections:

Exit Poll In Kenya Implies Election Fraud

Funny that when the exact same thing happened in Ohio during the last US presidential election, I don't recall a newspaper that ran a headline or story claiming election fraud. Stranger still, while fraud has been all but proven in those Ohio elections, even now, no one seems to care.

And, in New Hampshire last week, there was a discrepancy between exit polls and the final count. Not only were there no cries of fraud, but commentators openly scoffed at the idea that vote count fraud could have take place.

One must also wonder at a Republican organization monitoring the vote in Kenya. If that isn't irony, I'll turn in my magnet.

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