Monday, January 7, 2008

Moving the old grey fox

The Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival will be moving to a new venue, in the same general vicinity, for the 2008 festival.

This from Mary Burdette:

As of tonight [Friday, January 4] the Rothvoss Farm, long-time site of Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival, has not been sold yet. However we believe that the farm will be sold very soon, and therefore we are seeking a new home for the festival.
During the past few weeks, we have looked at several potential sites, all in the Hudson Valley and Catskill Mountain area, which is where we want to stay.
It is very encouraging to hear from so many communities who are interested in becoming the new home of Grey Fox. We have looked at several great possibilities and are trying to narrow down which it will be. We are also still trying to match up with the perfect location for this unique event which has been on the Rothvoss Farm since 1976.

It's also very encouraging to read the supportive comments on our lively Grey
Fox discussion group by long time (and new) fans of Grey Fox who say they will
follow to wherever the music goes. The lineup for this year's festival is,
IMHO, one of the best we've ever had. It's available at Click on artists.

We hope you'll join us wherever the festival's new home turns out to be.
We'll keep you posted. Change is inevitable.

We look forward with great anticipation to the future, and wish the Rothvoss Family all the best. We thank them for all the wonderful years on their gorgeous farm.

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