Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Concerts of the Week

Brilliant Disguise: A Tribute to Bruce Springstreen
Thursday Jan 1o, 7pm
Iron Horse Music Hall, Northampton MA

With, Thane Thomsen (The Figments) and Steve Sanderson (Drunk Stuntmen) and Matthew Loiacono (of Kamikaze Hearts) and Rusty Belle and Kevin O'Rourke of Lofine and Chris Pureka and Philip Price and Henning Ohlenbusch and Mark Mulcahy and Frank Manzi Band and Dave Houghton (Fancy Trash) and Matthew Hebert and Jeffrey Foucault and Dennis Crommett and Jose Ayerve (of Spouse) and Jim Armenti (Lonesome Brothers) and Erik Alan (The Amity Front). This sounds like all sorts of fun.

Lori McKenna Band and Mark Erelli
Saturday Jan 12, 7 & 10 pm
Iron Horse Music Hall, Northampton MA

Lori struggled on the singer-songwriter circuit for years until she was taken under the wing of country star Faith Hill, and was then featured on Oprah. Erelli is her friend and plays in her touring band. He's got a new, and anticipated album, on the horizon.

brooks with acoustic guitar April 06

Brooks Williams and Gail Wade
Saturday Jan 12, 8 pm
Buttonwood Tree, Middletown CT

Brooks is an amazing guitarist, and gifted songwriter, and Gale Wade found her muse a few years back, and has taken to the local stages with a beautiful vengance. The Buttonwood Tree is so intimate, it's like having the musicians in your living room without having to clean up after.

Amy Gallatin and Stillwaters
Saturday Jan 12, 7:30 pm
Connecticut Audobon Center, Glastonbury, CT

With two new albums in the racks (one with Roger Williams and one with Stillwaters), Gallatin has lots of new (and in fact some really old) material to try out on audiences.

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