Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Dr. Hugh to you

I bumped into Dr. Hugh Blumenfeld at St. Francis Hospital today, and got to see him in his physician get-up. (BTW, I also bumped into my radio colleague, Dr. Steve Dieterich).

As you can see, the genius musician, is now a genius physician.

I asked Hugh about Richard Meyer, whom I blogged about last week. The sad news is that Meyer is now living in a nursing home somewhere in New York City, the victim of advanced Parkinson's disease. And like most folk musicians, he had no medical insurance. Hugh indicated that what little residuals are now accrued by Fast Folk Musical Magazine, are all sent to Meyer.

On the topic of Meyer's song, The January Cold, which I invoked on this blog last week, Hugh clued me into a historical gaffe in the song. We can write it off as poetic license, but apparently, when Warren Harding was inaugurated, the actual inauguration ceremony and speech was not in January, but in March, and that just doesn't scan.

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Jack Nork said...

I was lucky enough to have Hugh as an English professor when I was a freshman at UCONN back in the late eighties. I wrote a paper on Suzanne Vega's 1985 self titled album. Thanks for posting an update! I haven't heard from him in YEARS!