Friday, January 11, 2008

Snowball pizza returns

Many in the neighborhood mourned the loss of Giuseppe's Pizza on Church Street, just East of the Wesleyan campus. All the pizza was good, especially the famous snowball, essentially a spinach pizza with dollops of ricotta cheese, reminiscent of snowballs. The restaurant was always filled with students, faculty and neighbors, and in the summer, when the deck was open, it was difficult to find a table to dine al fresco.

Unfortunately, the interim owners abandoned the time-tested menu of Giuseppe's, and their new menu never caught on.

The restaurant has just been re-opened as Cafe-ology, owned by Jerry Windsor and his fiance, Christine Bishop, who will be managing the restaurant.

The good news: the Snowball is back, and it's being prepared by a chef who was a longtime employee of the old Giuseppe's. By all reports, the pizza is as good as the original, and in this soft-opening week, Windsor reports the Snowballs have been flying -- out the door.

The restaurant is also open for coffee and pastry in the morning, and except for a TV that was blaring a very bad, very old movie (Maxwell Smart in The Nude Bomb), it seems like a comfortable place to stop and have a coffee and a nosh with friends.

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