Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Are there no prisons? Are there no workhouses?

Lucy just sent me the HUD announcement of Continuum of Care, and Emergency Shelter Grants for 2008.

The $1.5 billion for transitional, supportive and permanent housing, and for emergency shelters is important (no not simply important, vital and lifesaving) ask anyone who runs a shelter and they'll tell you that every shelter is overburdened, and there's not enough space to house those in need.

There are Republicans like Stu McKinney who would like to add state dollars to federal dollars ($126 million) that Connecticut gets.

Then there are conservative radio talk show hosts, like Buddy Vicevich, who seem to contradict themselves (and their own "christian" principles) when they say things like:

Homelessness is everyone's responsibility. Individuals need to volunteer and donate money to feed and shelter the poor and needy. And certainly local town and city governments have a responsibility to become involved as well. I am not sure it is a state government issue although I could be convinced otherwise. I know its not a federal mandate.

No Jim, it's a mandate from your friend, Jesus. How do you think he would have supported homeless vets?

The worst part, though, is that we're spending $2 billion a week fighting an immoral war in Iraq, and in the process creating a whole new generation of homeless vets.

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