Sunday, January 6, 2008

Shouldn't I be in New Hampshire?

With a sister in Milford, and a sister-in-law in Peterborough, I wondered, aloud, this morning, why I hadn't arranged a visit to New Hampshire to witness Obamania, myself. Then both sister and sister-in-law phoned to talk about 20 minute traffic jams in their little burghs, and Mark Masselli, who took his kids to Nashua to hear Obama speak, and found a line ahead of him with several hundred people (I won't reveal how Masselli scammed his way through the National Press gates to find good seats for his clan), and I thought, "all this to see a politician?" Now if I thought I was going to bump into Bruce Springsteen, or even a New Hampshire folkie like Bill Morrissey, maybe it would be worth it.

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