Friday, January 25, 2008

Uh, I think that's "Dumbublican"

Newsweek needs to use spellcheck for the headline of its interview with Creepy Joe™ Lieberman in this week's issue.

It is Creepy Joe™ who, after all, uses the phrase "partisan stupidity," which, after all could define his dismissal of all Democratic presidential candidates, and his embrace of John McCain. In the interview, Joe denies being vengeful in his uncomfortable embrace of all things Republican.

It's Creepy Joe™ who, as chairman of the McCain campaign in Connecticut, just realized that as a registered Democrat, he won't be able to vote for his candidate in the primary.

It's Creepy Joe™ who claims he was hurt by Chris Dodd when he supported Ned Lamont. Of course, Lieberman is in denial about all the people he hurt when he abandoned the Democratic party in Connecticut to pursue his egotistical election as Senator in a political party he named in a narcissitic fit, after himself.

It's Creepy Joe™ who, in defense of his own bellicose war boosterism, claims that Truman, Humphrey and Kennedy were "neocons."

Creepy Joe™ isn't fooling anyone but fools in his home state. He's a preening, self-centered, dishonest, shape-shifting, warmongering, backstabbing, powergrubbing Repugnacrat.

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