Saturday, January 19, 2008

Reid capitulating on FISA, Dodd pressured

Keep you eyes open as Harry Reid brings the FISA bill, complete with telecom immunity to the floor of the Senate for a vote within the first few weeks of the Senate's return to Washington.

Once again Glenn Greenwald explicates the complicated turns of Reid's parliamentary maneuverings, the pressure being brought on important players, the fickle nature of the Democratic caucus, and the treatment of Connecticut's Chris Dodd as a renegade.

Chris Dodd could use our support, because it appears as if he'll get precious little from his colleagues.


CT Bob said...

Sadly, I don't have a Salon premium membership, so the link to Greenwald's article doesn't work for me.

One thing is certain: if Reid manages to force immunity through, he'll become a pariah to progressives everywhere.

Ed McKeon said...

I don't have a Salon premium membership and I get to Salon everytime. All you have to do is watch the ad.

And isn't Reid a pariah to progressives already?

CT Bob said...

Ah, didn't bother with watching their ad.

Reid was skating close to pariah-ish territory before this, but if he rams immunity through, that'll completely tear it.