Friday, January 18, 2008

Creepy Joe on the Republican stump

Creepy Joe Lieberman is showing his true stripes. As an "independent Democrat" he's on the stump for his old friend, Republican John McCain. He's angling for a a position as vice president. He's demonstrating the need to feed his own ravenous ego. He's abandoned the work of his Connecticut constituents, again (let's hear every conservative who complained about Chris Dodd's absence from Connecticut chime in now). He continues to beat the war drum. And he demonstrates that the state of Israel may be more important to him then the state of Connecticut.

Do we need any more reason than this to encourage the (spineless) Harry Reid to strip chairmanship from Lieberman, and to deny him a seat on the Connecticut delegation to the Democratic convention (this last issue will be a foregone conclusion if Lieberman is in Minnesota as a vice-presidential candidate).

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