Monday, January 21, 2008

More news on John Stewart's death

If we were immortal, we would never learn what the true value of life is.

Some details of John Stewart's passing this morning, may give some a bit of
comfort to help make the circle of life, love, music and family seem

Before John died this morning, he and Buffy Ford (his wife and musical
partner) had spent Thursday evening with Nick Reynolds (for those too young;
John's friend and former original member of the Kingston Trio) and his wife
at Nick's home on Coronado. They spent the evening listening to some newly
released compilations of Trio material. I am told that it was a wonderful
evening for all.

John suffered a massive stroke or brain aneurysm early Friday morning and
was taken to the same hospital where he was born 68 years ago. This was
very much a surprising part of the full circle of many lives because John
and Buffy have lived most of the last 30 years in Marin County, hundreds of
miles away from his home town of San Diego.

John was suffering from the early stages of Alzheimer's. He had already
given up his driver's license and had completed a telling new song about it,
"I Can't Drive Anymore." Many of his friends have said the prognosis was
not good, may have already become very painful and that blessings come in
unusual ways.

After John collapsed in his hotel room he never regained consciousness.
Buffy and all of his children were with him when he passed in peace around
7:30 AM this morning.

John gave his all to his music and the cause of peace. It is somewhat
fitting that he would go during the week we celebrate the birthday of Martin
Luther King, Jr. Along with many others committed to the causes of peace
and unity, John walked with Dr. King during the 3-day march to Selma in
March of 1965. An event that most say was a life threatening experience for
those involved.

For some he will be always be known for the compelling words and music he
wrote. His album "California Bloodlines" is on the Rolling Stone top 100
list of all time significant albums. For those of us who met him or knew
him through his years of political action he was one of the most powerful
voices for a better world to come out of the 1960s. I met him in 1968
during the Robert Kennedy campaign. I was 17.

His own words will likely be a better eulogy than those anyone else can

"There's always one more river the sea can carry. There's always one more
soul that heaven can hold There's always one more star the sky can hang on
to So hand your heart to the wind, let it carry you home.

"There's always one more song to sing for the lonely There's always one more
dream to carry you along There's always one more eagle come flying in the
morning So hand your heart to the wind let it carry you home.

"And I'm believing, believing,
Believing that even when I'm gone
Maybe some lonesome picker will find some healing in this song"

John Stewart
September 5, 1939 - January 19, 2008

Submitted by:
Fred R. Munroe
Musica Del Rio House Concerts

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