Saturday, January 26, 2008

Boom, from the man who cursed us with Barney

If you're from Connecticut, you'll recognize Larry Rifkin for the hundreds of pledge breaks he's hosted for CPTV.

What you might not know is that this brilliant son of Waterbury comes from a broadcast family (his dad was in radio, which is still Larry's first love), he's a big wheel in the PBS system, he has his own radio talk show on Waterbury's WATR-AM, he's the one who brought UCONN women's basketball to the public airwaves, he helped revive the fortunes of groups like the Animals and the Zombies in "as scene on PBS" aging rocker TV spectaculars, and he's the one who discovered Barney and brought him into the national consciousness. That is only a partial list of his accomplishments.

He's also in a mid-life crisis rock and roll band.

Boom (for baby boom), is at La Boca in Middletown tonight, Saturday January 26. Sip your margaritas and listen to some classic rock from fellas who know it well.

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