Friday, January 11, 2008

And so do we

Ned Lamont listens skeptically to political advice offered by the author of this blog.

Lamont endorses Obama.

While the Clintons "met" with Lamont during his run for office, they never could be bothered to cross the state line and actually campaign for him (that would mean Hillary would have to support the other party, the non-incumbent party).

So, from a philosophical, or political standpoint, I'm not surprised that he's supporting Obama.

As you can see from the photo, I worked on some of the Lamont commercials during the campaign. As a producer from a Connecticut film company, I called every campaign to see if they were hiring Connecticut companies to produces spots. Indeed, many were hiring local freelancers at day rates, but every candidate from Jodi Rell, to Chris Murphy was hiring ad agencies, consultants, and film producers from out of state. The Lamont campaign (after a great deal of haranguing, I will admit) hired us to help.

The photo above was taken from a green screen shoot for the renowned, "Lieberman slams his car into a wall" spot. Later that day, we filmed the spot which included an endorsement from Chris Dodd.

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