Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Courant forgives, McEnroe doesn't forget

In the, "maybe I love Louisiana so much because it's really a lot like Connecticut" line of thought, it's hard to imagine anything more laughable than the suggestion that the mayor (Mike Jarjura) of a major (though municipally-demented) city (Waterbury) in Connecticut would offer a job to a disgraced, less-than-remorseful, corrupt ex-governor (John Rowland) a job in which he would be at the center of potential development deals.

No one is more willing to forgive and forget than the Hartford Courant (who, as an editorial voice, seem to be able to magnanimously dismiss all sorts of political and bureaucratic malfeasance).

No one seems more incredulous than Colin McEnroe. His blog today is priceless. When Colin is angry at some unbelievable injustice, he's at his best. His WTIC-AM radio show ought to be interesting today.

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