Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The social contract frays at the stop sign

(© 2008, Caterwauled)

I work in the South End of Hartford where disregard for simple traffic rules is often stunning. From the plague of pocket bikes a few summers ago, to the regular disdain for Stop signs, to the short and ubiquitous horn beep as soon as the light turns green, to the clever trick of short cutting through corner convenience store parking lots when the light is against you and, of course the creative pass on the left to make a right turn on red, ahead of you.

Yes, these, and more are everyday occurrences in a drive around the South End.

But today, I witnessed a zenith of disregard, a nadir of contempt for traffic rules, a spectacularly stupid disdain for life and limb. Three teens, on two unregistered All Terrain Vehicles were speeding down Maple Avenue at about 70 mph. One of the ATV drivers pulled a wheelie through two intersections, where the light was against him, and weaved in and out of the opposite lane of traffic.

I called the Hartford Police Department twice, but gave up each time after the phone rang for several minutes without being answered.

And then I saw that the ATVs were continuing their antics with impunity on Maple Avenue across from Goodwin Park. So I decided to get a photo. Then I drove off before getting shot.

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Anonymous said...

Welcome to every day in my neighborhood during the summertime. ATVs are dangerous enough when used in the environments they are intended for. I know I'm a horrible person for saying this, but I won't feel too bad when I read about people getting themselves killed while riding (speeding and weaving) these down streets. Idiots!