Thursday, January 24, 2008

Foxwoods here I come

I'm listening to talk radio, and I've decided that politicians are smarter than I ever give them credit for.

So far, four people have called the radio host to find out exactly what they're going to get back from the government. People love it when you send them money, no matter how little.

Hey, should I tell them, or will it be you? That money they're about to "get" is the money they've already given, will give, or their children will give to the government in the form of taxes to pay for giveaway programs like this, and the war in Iraq. Those politicians aren't "giving" us anything but bigger problems. Stimulus package indeed!

Three hundred dollars. Wow, that's 1200 quarters for the slots at Foxwoods. Or enough for a scalped ticket in the pit for the Bruce show at the XL Center (though I may have to go to the XXL Center, myself). Or a couple ounces of pot. I can see how this is going to be a great stimulus for the economy.

Three hundred dollars. That's a cartful of groceries at Whole Foods. Or almost enough for a 13 quart Creuset Dutch Oven at Williams Sonoma. Or one Open Toe Manolo Blahnik Mary Jane Shoe. Or 90 minutes on the town in Manhattan.

All the while our roads, and bridges, and sewers, and sidewalks crumble.

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