Saturday, January 19, 2008

BTW, fuck you Bill Maher

Political comedian Bill Maher has been inconvenienced twice by free-speech hecklers who are clever enough to use the live TV airwaves (airwaves which indeed belong to all of us as Americans), to try to make a point, and he doesn't like it.

His is a strange reaction for a man who spends his public life defending Constitutional freedoms and condemning the Bush administration. Free speech is okay as long is it doesn't offend him.

In a nod to Maher's own political construct, here's a "new rule."

New rule. Just because you have a TV show doesn't mean you, and your celebrity guests, are the only ones entitled to an opinion. And if you're daring enough to have a live TV show, don't be surprised when someone says something you don't expect. For example, on Jay Leno's show, you used the word "bullshit" twice, in disregard for FCC rules. That was supposed to be funny and brilliant, right? The folks in the audience were only to try some forum to let the American public know that NBC was denying a legitimate candidate (who's been a guest on your show), the right to speak, and the public the right to know. So when someone interrupts your "clever" planned comments with a spontaneous protest, maybe invite them onstage instead of calling them assholes.

Thanks to Michael Gill.


Anonymous said...

This isn't about freedom of speech, dude. This is about the rules of a private setting. If you interrupt a private setting, if you start yelling, you're gonna get kicked out. Nobody is suppressing your ideas, it's because you're being a fucking ass hole. Whether you like or hate Bill Maher, if you want to be in his audience, you have to follow the rules in a private setting. The rules have NOTHING to do with taste. I'm not much of a Bill Maher fan. In fact, I can't STAND Bill Maher. But in THIS case, he was right. These morons wanted to scream their chants, and they didn't get their way. So they threw temper tantrums like a bunch of 5-year-olds and Bill Maher gave them a spanking, figuratively. Bill Maher did NOT deny these idiots their first amendment rights by having these people removed. It was actually quite the opposite. These shit-heads were doing their absolute best to deny the entire audience THEIR rights to enjoy the show. Like it or not, if you act like inappropriately in Bill Maher's private setting, he has the right to have you removed from the audience. These so-called "protesters" were not trying to free Tibet. They were trying to preach their idiotic beliefs.

Anonymous said...

shut up! bill maher sucks.. bad