Friday, January 25, 2008

Jesus, why can't she get a date?

She's pretty. She drinks like a fish. Swears like a sailor. Hates Notre Dame. What's not to like?

ESPN commentator, Dana Jacobsen, who graces the cover of this month's Hartford Magazine, as one of Hartford's most eligible, has gotten into a bit of trouble for cursing a Notre Dame icon ("Fuck touchdown Jesus," she said with a girlish wink and a smile at an ESPN party.)

Maybe you wouldn't want to bring her home to Mom, but she'd be a spitfire at your Superbowl Party ("Fuck Robert Kraft. Fuck Bill Belichick and his video camera. Where's the Stoli? Fuck the Patriots. Fuck the fucking Patriot Act.")

Hey, who needs Adrien's Landing. This woman just put Hartford on the map. Parrrr-teeee!

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