Friday, January 25, 2008


Anyone But a Republican.

A hat tip to Susan Forbes Hansen for sending along this blog from Steve at the Last Chance Democracy Cafe.

He makes a cogent argument that after Denver, and the Democratic National Convention, we've all got to work diligently to make sure that a Republican is not elected president this year. That means, if Hillary is the candidate, I'll have to swallow hard and vote for her. It'll be difficult for me, especially since I saw David Brooks assert that the Bush White House would love her to win so that she can protect the "Bush legacy."

But after reading Steve's blog, and the comments, I couldn't agree more. This country cannot bear another conservative, Republican, religious zealot in the White House.

At the moment, I hope for the impossible, that John Edwards will be the candidate. And I'll take Obama, nearly happily. But if Hillary is it, I'll hold my nose, and cast a vote for her.

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