Wednesday, October 3, 2007

These kids have ears....

It was a pleasure to discover Aural Wes, a preview site for alternative music acts appearing at Wesleyan. Thanks once again to the estimable Wesleying (a good debate about chalking going on there) for making the discovery possible.

What's most surprising is the sheer number and quality of these live acts. This is really interesting stuff, and the site is filled with sample music files. The current batch seems to lean toward freak folk, but some of it is deliciously undefinable.

I don't know how someone like me (see photo on the left), or you, might get into some of these shows. I did attend the Vetiver show at Eclectic last year, and felt like the ultimate outsider. I'm not even sure that outsiders are welcome. But I'd sure like to score some of this music to play on my show.

My favorites on the site currently: Deer Tick, Horse Feathers and Phosphorescent.

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