Friday, October 19, 2007

Bragg and Beausoleil

Lucy and I started the evening at the Iron Horse dancing to Beausoleil at Mike Doucet's invitation.

Then it was two hours of Bragg, who began with The World Turned Upside Down and To Have and Have Not and previewed his new album, Mr. Love and Justice (which will be a great one by the sounds of these). Bragg played and talked for two hours, and ended with a song dedicated to the audience "You Kept Faith."

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søren said...

I know this is super-random, but I don't suppose you know (or know how I can find out) what song BB came out to at this show? My boyfriend and I had been talking about it at the time and now we are trying to remember - I think it was some 70s thing like Sly & the Family Stone...