Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Folkies, we are the shit

Anais Mitchell as not seen in Vanity Fair.

If Vanity Fair says you're hip, you're hip.

So for a few moments in history, if you're a nerdy, introverted, barely-washed, hemp-wearing folkie, you are suddenly at pop culture ground-zero.

But leave it to a glossy book like Vanity Fair to get it only nearly correct. They've got Annie Leibovitz portraits of Joni, and Joan and Arlo and Buffy Ste. Marie. But then they skip several generations of "folk" musicians and go from the golden oldies to the freak folks like Devendra Banhart and Feist.

So how could they have missed Rambling Jack Elliot, Pete Seeger, Guy Clark, Bill Morrissey, Patty Larkin, Billy Bragg, Steve Earle, Lyle Lovett, Hazel Dickens, Patty Griffin, Nanci Griffith, the Mammals, Peter Case, Ani Difranco, David Mallett, Alejandro Escovedo, Shawn Colvin, Suzanne Vega, Anais Mitchell, the Pine Leaf Boys, Jeffrey Foucault, Eilen Jewell, Rani Arbo, Nathan, Uncle Earl, Robbie Fulks...well you get the point.

So enjoy your moment in the spotlight, because it'll be gone by December.

Thanks to Susan Forbes Hansen, the quintessence of folkiness, for the link.


Anonymous said...

I want to smoke the brand Joni smokes

Anonymous said...

What brand of ciggie does Joni smoke?
Do folkies have a fave brand?
How about female folkies doin' a Victoria's Secret shoot? How come rock, pop and country got all the sex pots? Let's see the folkies strut they stuff. Let's see some cleavage hanging over the guitars, huh.