Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Meeting Matt Lesser

After criticizing his intemperate political rallying cries, I got an email from Wesleyan student, and Democratic candidate for alternate on Middletown's Planning and Zoning Commission, Matt Lesser. He wanted to meet, so we decided on coffee at the Red and Black Cafe on Broad Street.

Matt is, as he suggested, a more nuanced politician than I gave him credit for. He has a lot of experience for a young man. He took two years off from school to work for the DNC recruiting voters during the last presidential campaign, and spent time studying Urban Planning at the Brookings Institute. He's a committed Democrat, understands that being a Democrat doesn't make one pure and perfect, but he's a bit unwilling to brook criticism of local Democratic politicians and the local Democratic Town committee.

Which frightens me a little. Loyalty of that sort can be used in a way that's counterproductive. One needs to be able to admit the errors of colleagues, and to accept the good ideas of opponents.

Matt seems to have his head screwed on relatively straight. He's ambitious, articulate, and he's young. And he's working his ass off to get his fellow students to the polls.

I'll vote for him on Election Day.

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