Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Jilted for "The River"

As you might have read earlier, Billy Bragg will not, I repeat, will not appear on WWUH on Thursday as promised earlier.

Seems tickets have not been selling as briskly as hoped (I think it's the Red Sox AL playoff effect) and Bragg will hurry from NYC to Northampton to appear at the site of Northampton Box Office and give an "impromptu" concert in hopes of selling some more tickets. The short concert, and interview (scheduled exactly when his WWUH interview would have been conducted), will appear on Northampton's "the river" radio station WRSI.

This is a rather rare appearance for Bragg, and if you've seen him, you know he shouldn't be missed. If you haven't, he's one of those performers whom you'd like to count as friend after seeing a show.

Eric Danton, music critic of the Hartford Courant, interviewed Bragg by phone last week and part of that interview is available on his blog. The remainder will appear in the Courant on Thursday.

For my part, I'll be playing a hell of a lot of Billy Bragg on today's show.

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