Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The dog chases its tale

Remember a few years ago when we heard conservatives, Republicans and right-wing pundits repeat again, and again, and again, "Saddam Hussein bombed his own people using chemical weapons." They were referring to the Northern Iraqui Kurds, who were not exactly Hussein's "own people." It was, and remains, a horrific instance of attempted ethnic cleansing against Hussein's longtime enemies.

Now, in yet another futile attempt to keep the Iraq war from unraveling further, into a cross-border conflict with Turkey, reports have George Bush himself offering to bomb the Kurds (who have attacked Turkish troops). These bastards can't seem to get a break.

These are the same Kurds whom Bush used as examples of people who needed America's help, and now he wants to bomb them. These are the people Saddam Hussein bombed, and now George Bush wants to bomb them. Obviously, these are not really people George Bush ever had any sympathy for. They are not "his people." But they are the people he set out to save. The irony is stomach turning.

Of course, with so many people now turned against the war, a case could be made that George Bush is using violence against his own people. And a further case might be made that "his own people" are no longer, really, his own people anymore.

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