Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The right wing dances the SCHIP limbo

How low can they go? You would think denying health care to children who can't afford it would be bad enough.

In fact, the right wing maniacs actually leave a slime trail much lower to the ground. Now they are spreading malicious lies about a 12-year old boy who talked about how SCHIP helped him and his family recover from injuries sustained in an auto accident. As they are wont to do, they have distorted the actual facts of the case by digging in, but not quite far enough. And it's the usual mis-informed suspects, to be joined shortly, by any reporter to do the actual legwork him or herself.

If a 12 year old says SCHIP helped, then he's got to be a rich kid scamming the system. If an injured soldier criticizes the war, then he must be a deluded "phony" soldier. If a political candidate received a medal for war valor, then he must have wounded himself to get the medal. If a bureaucrat reports a lie about yellow cake uranium, then he must have gotten a nepotistic assignment from his wife, who by the way, is a spy.

Beginning to see the pattern?

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