Saturday, October 20, 2007

The rise of fall

We spent the day in Peterborough NH with Betsy trying to determine if Autumn had really arrived.

Certainly the trees are tired of waiting any longer to shed their dowdy green for flamboyant reds, yellows, oranges and russets. The day moved from warmer than normal to cold, with a downpour in between.

We stopped at the Peterborough town hall where a marathon 12 hour contra dance was three hours into sweat, exhiliration and exhaustion.

We travelled to Greenfield NH, to witness the flying pumpkins launched on a modern version of a medieval weapon called a trebuchet. It's become a yearly tradition to watch as pumpkins are tossed more than 1500 feet. We stood with a crowd of nearly 100 as the first launch failed (the pumpkin slipped out of the sling), and marvelled when the next pumpkin hung in the air like an all hallow's eve satellite, before it smashed to earth becoming the mere squash that it is.

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