Thursday, October 18, 2007

Chris Dodd as Jimmy Stewart

Now, you're not gonna have a country that makes these kinds of rules work, if you haven't got men who've learned to tell human rights from a punch in the nose.

- Jefferson Smith's thoughts on the Constitution during his famous filibuster in Frank Capra’s Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

It appears that the Senate Intelligence Committee is about to bend to the wishes of the Bush Administration, and the fears of being labelled "soft of terror" by delivering a FISA bill with everything the power-hungry administration had hoped for, including immunity from lawsuits for telecom companies who spied on Americans, illegally.

But is there a hero in the wings?

Chris Dodd needs a springboard for his presidential run. He needs to do something brave, something controversial. As firedoglake points out, he's got the credibility, putting the Constitution at the center of his campaign, and as Senator, he has a power to put a "hold" on the bill.

We in Connecticut need to urge him to do so. Give him a call and ask him to live up to the spirit of his father portrayed in the book Chris just released.

U.S. Senator Chris Dodd
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Anonymous said...

Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz has killed New Britain’s city's voting-machine contract with candidate's company candidate for alderman Gerry Amodio.

Paul Carver, chairman of the Republican Town Committee, said the Amodio family has contributed to the community for years.

“Democratic candidate Phil Sherwood is the one who raised the question," Carver said. "He should be ashamed of himself. He besmirches the reputation of one of our most prominent families. That is typical of their side of the aisle."

Mayor Stewart said simply, "It's their M.O."

M. O. - Adjective.
Short for Method of operation. Latin form "Modus expeditione." Meaning what one certain person is most noted for. A certain look, way of doing things or even attitude.

There is no Latin word operandi
John: "who do I know that likes drinking and hates zombies?"
Phil: "Man, drinking and hating zombies?! Add pirates and that’s my M.O."