Tuesday, October 23, 2007

If you're gonna vote in CT, today is the last day to register

Everybody complains, but not everybody votes. And while some citizens fight for the right to vote for their leaders in democratic elections, we don't seem to have the same passion here (nor the same concern for democratic elections, for that matter).

Our leaders are only able to lead if enough voters cast a vote for them. If you count on the small percentage of us who do vote to make up your mind for you, you're making a mistake.

I understand that lots of people don't vote because they don't believe their vote counts, or they don't believe there's anyone worthwhile running for office, or they don't believe in the political process.

Cynicism is the enemy of freedom, my friends.

And when it comes to municipal elections, a handful of votes can swing a race.

So if you're not registered, do it today.

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