Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Docs of note

Over the past two days, I've watched documentaries passed to me over the internet, and have found that an additional, related doc will play at Wesleyan on Thursday.

Susan Forbes Hansen passed along a documentary called Freedom to Fascism. I'm obviously not the first one to see it. According to the accompanying info, it's been viewed by three million. I've never found much in common with tax rebels, feeling that most of them are simply people too cheap to cough up the yearly tribute for the common good. This documentary, made by Aaron Russo (who died in August), a "Hollywood producer" is an amateurish mess, but it's irresistable, and frightening. It moves from the IRS to the Federal Reserve to the Patriot Act, and finds connections throughout. It will leave even those most skeptical of conspiracy theories looking over their shoulder.

Rani Arbo passed along a documentary called Good Copy Bad Copy by a pair of Danish documentarians. It's about copyright law and music. It may sound boring but it's anything but. This is a well-made, totally fascinating look at how the world of music has changed, and how it affects the music, the musicians and the corporations which continue to try to make a living on their backs. Set aside an hour for this one. It's worth it. And send the producers a donation.

Finally, a new doc on the same topic, Before the Music Dies, will be showing on the Wesleyan University campus Thursday. The director will be on hand to introduce the film and to comment. I haven't seen it, but the trailer looks great

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