Sunday, October 28, 2007

Some amazing interviews

Although I didn't have the pleasure of attending the Anais Mitchell/Jeffrey Foucault concert at Roaring Brook Nature Center last evening (a halloween party precluded my attendance - a parent and child affair it was a lot of fun), I did have the privelege of interviewing Anais in a short visit to the WWUH studios on Saturday.

Anais is pretty amazing. First and foremost, she's a singer and songwriter to be reckoned with. With that on her side, she's decided to write and stage a "folk opera" called Hadestown, based on a retelling of the Orpheus myth. As she noted, it's set in a "post-apocalyptic depression, dust-bowl town." The show with a full folk band, along with cast, costumes and sets will travel to five old Vermont theaters, and one in Somerville Mass (near Boston) on the last weekend of November and the first of December. If the songs she sang in the interview are any indication, it's a show not to miss. Anais is also looking for angels to sponsor the show rehearsals, costumes and sets. You can find out all you need to know at her website.

The interview will play Wednesday morning (6-9 a.m. Eastern US at on my show along with one I did a few weeks back with Will Kimbrough, and if all works out, a live interview with Nerissa and Katryna Nields to preview their weekend show at the Sounding Board, and to talk about their new album, Sister Holler.

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