Monday, October 8, 2007

Bringing hate to Hartford

Of all the events that WTIC-AM could sponsor in Hartford, I guess it should come as no surprise that they are shilling an event for ultra-conservative hate-monger Sean Hannity on November 9 at the downtown Marriott.

Blue state that we are, the event will still draw the xenophobic right winged moths to Hannity's stinking garbage blaze. So it's an opportunity to do two things. Call WTIC (ask to speak to Jeannine Lee, program director for WTIC-AM, and be polite) and complain (and while you're at it, tell them that you think his show is not worth broadcasting). Call their sponsors and complain. Call the Marriott and complain.

I believe in Hannity's right to say whatever comes to his shriveled mind. It's America, and free-speech is almost a given (check with the Bush Administration to see when it's not), but I'd surely like to see Hannity stew a bit in his own fetid juices.

So think about turning up outside the Marriott that evening to let everyone know about the mis-informed, bigoted, hateful, jingoistic, loud-mouthed, divisive, unqualified, chickenhawk who will be speaking inside.

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