Monday, October 29, 2007

Dodd gets no traction for revealing Senate's secret "hold"

Chris Dodd is the only Senator who seems willing to risk his reputation, and his run for the presidency by actually defending the Constitution.

Despite this, he hasn't been able to get the press to pay attention to this serious story. He's willing to use a parliamentary procedure in the Senate to put a hold on the FISA bill, which strips US citizens of civil rights, and unconstitutionally provides retroactive immunity to the giant telecom companies.

Even the "hometown" paper, The Hartford Courant has virtually ignored the story until they printed an editorial cartoon on the subject by noted alternative political cartoonist Ted Rall

Unfortunately, you won't even find the cartoon in the Courant's regular online edition. You'll have to buy a print copy, or subscribe (free in October) to their eCourant online edition to see the cartoon with Rall's accompanying editorial comments.

This is, after all, a Constitutional issue - the basis for our entire government and way of life. Seems like a front page story to me.

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