Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Colbert pokes at the soft underbelly of politics, and finds it gutless

I have to say that I really don't enjoy Stephen Colbert's satirical take on right-wing punditry as much as I love John Stewart's straight-out mockery of news, culture and politics.

However, Colbert will always remain a hero for jabbing repeatedly at the President and the White House Press corps in his unforgettable appearance as keynote comedian at the annual press corps dinner.

And as of his appearance, last night, on John Stewart's show, he says, he's considering announcing that he's considering running for President of the United States.

As my cousin Chris Cillizza (he grew up in Marlborough, the son of my second cousin John, and his wife Maryellen) wrote yesterday in his blog, The Fix, at the Washington Post, in one poll, Colbert has surged ahead of Richardson, Kucenich and Gravel.

The irrefutable power of television.

Now we just have to figure out who Colbert is laughing at, us, or them.

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