Sunday, October 28, 2007

Signs of the times

At that Halloween party last night I was talking to Rani about the pre-election signage going up in front yards around Middletown.

She noted that I had one in my front yard supporting Catherine Johnson for the Planning and Zoning Commission. True.

Rani noted that many folks who don't traditionally vote Republican had put up the sign, but somehow X'ed out the tag "Vote the Entire Giuliano Team."

Sure 'nuf, when I was out walking with the boys this morning, I saw two doctored signs. One which simply clipped off the "vote Republican" message, and one which had replaced it with a new slogan in Spanish which, loosely and badly translated (by me), says something like "She's great," referring to Catherine.

So, I got out the duct tape.

By the way, I plan to cross the dreaded Republican barrier to vote for Catherine Johnson, and Councilman Dave Bauer, and former deputy police chief Phil Pessina, and maybe even Earle Roberts, whom I rarely agree with politically, but whom I like a lot.

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