Friday, October 5, 2007

The shameless, unconscionable, Christ-loving monsters at the top

It's now become clear that the President, and his advisers, will do just what they please, the rule of law be damned. When he wants to start a war, they'll provide false evidence, and slander critics. When he wants to prolong that war, he'll label critics as anti-patriots. When he wants to illegally imprison captives, he'll set up detention centers outside of the reach of US law. When he wants to torture, they'll say, it's not torture, and continue torturing. When he wants to act beyond laws to prevent all these things, he issues signing statements and continues on his despotic way.

I want to thank Colin McEnroe, who on his WTIC radio show yesterday, for pointing to Andrew Sullivan's words on these topics . Sullivan is a former conservative Republican advocate of the war, who has come to a different conclusion these days.

It can't happen here? Well, it has happened here.

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