Thursday, October 4, 2007

A common cry for impeachment

Last month, town Councilman Gerry Daley, authored a resolution at the Democratic Town Committee to encourage the impeachment of George Bush and Dick Cheney. Hurrah. As non-binding as the clause was, it was a brave act. Though one has to remember that the Democratic town committee backed Joe Lieberman against Ned Lamont.

More than one of us encouraged Daley to bring the resolution to the Common Council for a vote.

Here's what he replied to one petitioner:

I will talk with members of the Council further. Unfortunately, some have already told me they received a lot of negative reaction to the Town Committee Resolution at the Chamber breakfast on Friday morning. I want to make sure I have enough support among the Council before I propose it.

He refers, of course, to the Middlesex Chamber of Commerce, which invited Lieberman to speak in the midst of his campaign, but didn't have the courtesy to extend the same invitation to Lamont.

For the record, it only takes a single Town Councilor to bring a resolution before the Common Council. Support or no, we ought to urge Gerry Daley to bring a resolution advocating impeachment to the Council for a vote, and a debate, before the November election.

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