Monday, October 1, 2007

Be scared, be very scared

Seymour Hersh has had a line on the Bush administration from the beginning, and nearly everything he has "predicted" has come to pass.

In the most recent issue of the New Yorker, he writes about the Bush administration plans for attacking Iran.

And who, amongst our opposition leaders will stand up to him? Reid? Pelosi? Clinton? Obama? Mario Cuomo?

We're in for some bad shit.


Anonymous said...

Armageddon Global Disaster Heading our Way.

European Stock markets were in turmoil today, thousands of people in Britain engaged in a bank run to withdraw Billions of dollars in deposits from Northern Rock Bank. Northern Rock is a mortgage lender, whose run was triggered by the banks financial crisis. This event is significant because Northern rock is Britains first major casualty as one of the nations top ten largest banks.

More interestingly this bank run is accompanied by a "Bin Laden" trade on the european stock market index. Someone placed a 4.5 Billion dollar bet that the european markets would collapse by 30% or more before the 21st of this month.

While no one knows for sure what catastrophic event could cause this market demise, many are becoming fearful that the Chinese and other nations are secretely dumping the U.S. Dollar. Although this is not yet confirmed what is confirmed is that the U.S. has printed an estimated $200 billion in new currency to bail out the U.S. economy and its banking woes. We also know that the U.S. dollar declined in value by as much as 35%-50% in the last 5 years and Gold has since doubled in value. More alarming yet every major economist is making dire predictions about the U.S. economy including Walker from the U.S. Governments GAO Accountability Office.

So what is going on in America, It almost looks like the entire country is becoming increasingly desperate to fix its troubles. Joe Lieberman our State Senator has been insisting that we need to invade Iran now to stop their nuclear ambitions, the French Foreign Minister Kouchner today warned the entire world to prepare for war with Iran and civil unrest is growing in America. Our functional internment camps in the U.S. have now grown to 600 including the reactivation of the WW2 Japanese internment camp. Oil is at new record highs on the market yet the pump price has not moved much yet.

The world is definetely on the edge. Could this be the calm before the storm?

Ed McKeon said...

You sound as nervous as I am. The bank runs are right out of the Great Depression, and they are being underreported here. Today, the stock market rallied. Profit takes before the fall?