Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Just when you thought he couldn't get any creepier

Creepy Joe™ Lieberman is crossing the aisle again.

This time, Mr. Non-partisan is offering up a non-binding Senate resolution to declare the surge, a success.

Less excitable men would wait to be sure the success of the surge sticks. Not Lieberman. He's out ahead of the wave. Look at his support for John McCain, when others had written McCain off. Of course, when you're surfing ahead of the wave, it often crashes down upon you.

Why would Lieberman propose such a resolution. A resolution which Republicans would clamor to embrace. A resolution which would stick in the craw of spineless Democrats who will vote "yes" knowing that a positive or negative vote will call down the harpies of conservatism upon their heads, but a "yes" vote will allow them to say they support the troops.

Lieberman isn't finished punishing the Democrats who he perceives as treating him so badly. You know, the Democrats who have allowed him to keep his chairmanship and seniority even after he works with every ounce of energy to denigrate them. Those Democrats. The ones who aren't like the Democrats that married dear old dad.


Anonymous said...

the video is incredible

CT Bob said...

Let him do it. This will be Joe's "Mission Accomplished".

Anonymous said...

Tell your people in Congress to amend the resolution to include the following:
A. The people who opposed invading Iraq were RIGHT
B. Even though Bush said Iraq would be a "beacon of democracy," it is still not free, Saudi Arabia is still not free, and several nations have been taken over by hard-liners since the invasion of Iraq happened
C. The Bush Administration's pre-surge strategy was a failure
D. An apology to Joe Wilson, Valerie Plame, and United Nations employees who had their phones tapped to see how they would vote on the Resolution 1441