Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Bleach won't wash the bloodstains from your hands

While the Republicans feigned respect for New Orleans (too little, too late), thinks were getting rough on the banks of the Mississippi up in St. Paul.

According to reports, the Connecticut delegation was splashed with some kind of bleach mixture by roving political protestors.

Amy Goodman, a well-known alternative (meaning accurate, and aggressively in pursuit of the truth) news reporter, and anchor of Democracy Now, was hauled off in a paddy wagon after being caught up in a scuffle between riot police and protestors. (Though her show is carried on Central Connecticut radio stations, this story, a journalist being arrested, failed to make the Hartford Courant). And it seems as if the thought police were trying out their Soviet techniques as they raided a series of homes where protestors were gathering. Glenn Greenwald covers many of these stories with his usual sense of well-placed outrage.

At the same time, Creepy Joe™ Lieberman, who was scratched last night because of Gustav, was in his hotel room practicing his looks of magnanimity and sincerity as he prepared for the final step in his conversion from liberal democrat to bloodthirsty Republican. The Courant's Mark Pazniokas profiles Lieberman today and concludes, as many others have, that the turning point in Lieberman's career was his loss to Ned Lamont, and his subsequent "abandonment" by the Democratic party in Connecticut (Who abandoned whom?) He also notes that after the election Lieberman was as reluctant to relinquish his seniority as was the Democratic Senate to have him do so.

I guess being "independent" isn't reason enough to sacrifice your power for the sake of your ideals.
(AP photo/Rex Arbogast - caption: Which sucks more?)

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Check this video -- a woman being pepper-sprayed while simply holding a flower up: