Friday, September 19, 2008

Row, row, row the swiftboat

Vindictive. Underhanded. Nasty. Deceitful. Exploitative.

Nah, he'll always be Creepy Joe™ to me.

But suddenly it's clear where Creepy Joe™ Lieberman found inspiration for his overtly political, totally useless, waste-of-time Senate resolution praising the "success" of the surge. It's a campaign ploy by ultra-conservative warhawk group Vets for Freedom. They just so happened to release a TV commercial asking the public to call their representative to support the resolution.

Strangely, the commercial makes me like Obama even more, even as I laugh at the deification of General Petreus.

On the website of these bloodlusting idealogues, you can find Lieberman's co-sponsors of the bill (yes, John McCain, yes, Lindsay Graham, yes, Mr. Crapo!??) and the entire text of the pitifully partisan bill which is designed to attempt to embarass those easily cowed and embarassed Democratic lawmakers.

This is Lieberman's idea of reaching across the aisle...and slapping a colleague in the face.

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