Thursday, October 9, 2008

We have nothing to fear but Creepy Joe™

Joe Lieberman is the type to scream "fire" in a movie theater (or maybe, as Woody Allen once said, "He's the kind to scream 'movie' in a firehouse.")

At a time when the world is despairing over a nasty financial crisis, one would look to our leaders for words of calming, wisdom and confidence.

But Creepy Joe™ Lieberman is taking a tactic from the George Bush/Dick Cheney/Karl Rove playbook when he predicts that along with tough financial times, we'll be facing a terrorist attack next year.

What does Lieberman know that nobody else does?

Of course, he uses the threat to indicate that his buddy John "the man of character" McCain is better suited to handling such an attack.

In playing the fear card, Lieberman becomes the terrorist.

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