Friday, October 17, 2008

Nothing funny about Cardinal Egan

(New York Times photo)

That guy in the funny robes sitting between John McCain and Barack Obama at last night's Alfred E. Smith dinner was Cardinal Edward Egan of New York, who you may remember for his tenure in the Bridgeport diocese where he was accused of allowing priests who abused children to remain in the ministry.

Forget about pallin' around with terrorists. Now each candidate is photographed exchanging giggles with a man who tacitly condoned child abuse.

The whole white tie and tails, roast with a complicit press corps rolling in the aisles is a bit much for me to wrap my head around. The financial markets are tanking, we're embroiled in two wars, candidates are spitting invective, and we get one-liners? No wonder the world's going to shit.


Anonymous said...

The affair was a fund raiser for a good cause. The non-profits of this world are having a hard time raising funds and if they need to invite characters to bring in the dollars so be it. So the world is falling apart and we have two wars going on, let's not forget that this was a fund raiser.

Ed McKeon said...

Let's not forget Egan protected child abusers. He's an enabler. And that's not only immoral, it's criminal.