Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Falling precipitously - not just the stock market, CT senatorial approval ratings

Both Chris Dodd, and Creepy Joe™ Lieberman have seen their approval ratings buffeted by their recent performances. Dodd's failure to address his problem of receiving favorable treatment by Countrywide Financial (excellent column by Rick Green on the topic) has made him a topic of derision at a time when average citizens are struggling as a result of a financial hemmorhage which Dodd's Senate banking committee failed to staunch.

Lieberman, well, this blog has noted his performance as Republican shill. But what's most surprising to me is that 40% of poll respondents still think he's doing a good job. A good job for Sarah Palin maybe, but not for residents of this state.

The Courant today also features a powerful op-ed (a rarity in the "new" Courant) by Charles Merlis, a retired West Hartford lawyer. Merlis suggests that a rapid re-regulation of the credit card industry would have a tremendously powerful effect on the financial crisis, and he encourages all candidates, or for that matter, any candidate, to take up the cause.

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