Friday, October 31, 2008

Sealing the tomb with excrement

It's not bad enough that George Bush has dragged us into a futile, illegal, draining war. That he's stripped citizens of civil liberties. That he's enriched his cronies, and Wall Street executives while impoverishing the middle class, retirees and anyone who has been forced to tithe to the God of the free market through 401k plans. That he's alienated allies. That he's institutionalized secrecy, torture, legal abductions. That he's thumbed his nose at the Constitution.

Now, at the end of an administration that is as dark and rank as a gangrenous limb, he is pushing through executive regulations which will pollute Appalachian streams, fill the atmosphere with global warming pollutants, strip the ocean of sea life, and make water sources less safe to drink.

This, Nancy Pelosi, is the reason he should have been impeached and driven from office, because these regulations, will be very difficult for the next President, and the next Congress to undo. We will have to drag Bush's legacy of failure with us for decades like the stinking corpse of an unloved relative.

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