Monday, May 12, 2008

Tonight on Countdown

I can't imagine Keith Olbermann won't show this video of Bill O'Reilly that's been making the rounds of the blogs today, unless he's issued an injunction not to.

The video has already been pulled from Youtube, ostensibly by CBS, but one would have to think O'Reilly might have been embarassed by it.

To be fair, we've all been at that point where our temper has gotten the better of us (you can still say to some particular TV crew members "Get your own fucking grinders" and they will do a fair impression of me losing my composure). Still, one would try to avoid throwing a shit-fit while the cameras are rolling. To be fair again, this was recorded before the day of the youtubes and the internets. Still, one would have to think that blaming the floor director is something only divas do. And to be fair, this was early on his career, when doing something stupid with the cameras rolling might have been a rookie's mistake. Still, he doesn't seem to have learned, does he.

I guess once a jackass always a jackass.

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