Friday, May 16, 2008

Ignorance is bliss

So, I guess right-wing WTIC talk show host Jim Vicevich is very happy.

Today he promised to link his website to Eliza Gilkyson's (which he consistently pronounces incorrectly gil-ick-son). Obviously Jim either doesn't listen carefully to her lyrics, or he doesn't understand them. Either is certainly possible. But it's the beauty of a great protest song, it gets into the heads of people who need to hear them, and who don't intially realize what they are listening to. Before long they're singing along to "Runaway Train," and "doh" they figure out what they're singing. Jim, take a listen to Eliza's song, "Man of God," on her last album.

Also, on the same topic, I heard Jim promise to attend a folk concert at Cheney Hall featuring Hugh Blumenfeld. Hope he makes good on his promise, and that Hugh plays "George III" and "America Redux."

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