Thursday, May 8, 2008

Spring fling of the past

Long before I moved to Middletown, and was within walking distance of Wesleyan's Foss Hill, my ex-wife and I took our kids Brendan and Colin to a Spring Fling concert there. It's in my head because I was at Spring Fling yesterday, and because it's Colin's birthday today. He turns 26. That means the concert we attended, where I snapped this photo was probably 21 or 22 years ago. The headliners were the great Cajun band Beausoleil (Mike Doucet had phoned to tell us he was playing in Connecticut). I don't remember the public intoxication, the abundance of alcohol, or much of a crowd. I do remember Colin and Brendan rolling down Foss Hill. Happy Birthday Colin. Nice Chucky Cheese tee.

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Anonymous said...

Edward, that picture made me cry...I hope someday we can have a picture of them together with us...all with smiles on our faces.