Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Vinnie blows a gasket

Middletown Councilman Vincent Loffredo flew into a reasoned rage at the town council last evening when his fellow council members appeared ready to support three local festivities ( a 5K run, the Taste of Middletown, and a motorcycle cruise night) with what amounted to a blank check.

In what turned out to be the most heated debate of the evening, sparked by Council member David Bauer's question about what each of the festivities cost the town, members see-sawed between support and disbelief.

Loffredo offered an amendment which would cap support for each of the festivities at $10k. When the cap was questioned, he gave a passionate rebuttal about the economy of the town, the state and the country.

In a rare case of reality-checking by a politician, Loffredo asked whether anyone considered the panic citizens were in about whether they would be able to afford to heat their homes next winter. He went on to talk about the disappearing budget surplus at the state level, the cost of gas, and the cost of food. He reasoned that any expenditure, from this point on, needed to be questioned in a rare time of financial crisis.

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